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Strengthening Families,
Enriching Futures

Hampton healthy families pinwheel garden

April Child Abuse Prevention Month

Healthy Families Pinwheel Garden Kids Youth

Our Care for Families

Help Families Learn, Grow, and Thrive

Our purpose is to develop community resources that support Hampton's families. Your gift helps to provide educational support, basic care, child safety materials, and holiday gifts to families throughout Hampton. Because of your giving, the non-profit supports over 20,000 parents & children annually by helping to sustain the services of Hampton's Healthy Families office.


Hampton's Healthy Families Partnership Inc. (HFP, Inc.) is the non-profit partner organization for the City of Hampton's Healthy Families office, a multi-agency community-wide effort to make the city a healthy and nurturing place in which to raise children. The Healthy Families office provides home visit support for early childhood development, offers community playgroups, infant massage, and educational series that focus on helping parents and caregivers create healthy homes for kids to thrive.

How You Can Help

Beginning in 1993, we’ve worked to be a bridge between city services and the needs of local families.
Every contribution goes toward making our community a better place through education, guidance, and caring support.

Contribute to making Hampton's families stronger today by giving or volunteering.

Making a positive difference has never been so easy.

Toddler with Toys

Awareness & Advocacy

One of our goals is to ensure Hampton's families have a voice in local, state, and federal policy decisions that impact them.

We regularly work with our local and state officials to ensure that funding for programs and services that support families continue to meet the needs of our community. During the Child Abuse Prevention Month of April, HFP Inc. coordinates one of the largest Pinwheel Garden programs in the state, with over 50 community partners hosting pinwheel gardens across the city.

Family & Program Support

One of the main reasons Healthy Families Partnership, Inc was established was so that there could be an agency that could fill the gap where city services can not easily support.

The majority of the resources received through your giving provides direct service support to Hampton families by providing child safety equipment, a warm meal before a parenting class, an emergency purchase of work equipment to ensure steady employment, or to purchase play equipment to expand playgroups into new neighborhoods.

Community Partnerships

In addition to supporting the direct service efforts of Healthy Families Partnership, HFP Inc. also assists with various community drives and non-profit partnerships that support families.

HFP, Inc. helps to engage volunteers throughout the local community to support donation drives and efforts like the Angel Tree, Mayor's Book Club, and Back to School Drives. Volunteers help raise funds, stuff backpacks, wrap presents, plant pinwheels, advocate on our behalf, and support community events across the city.

Baby's Grasp

“Anyone who does anything to help
a child in his life
is a hero to me.”

 - Fred Rogers

Contact Us

HFP Inc. C/O Hampton Healthy Families
100 Old Hampton Lane, Hampton, VA 23669

(757) 727-1300

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